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Using Blackjack basic strategy can earn you $50.00 per hour playing Blackjack at the $25 table

If I could show you a way to make $50.00 per hour playing Blackjack on a consistent basis, would you be interested?

With a 2% edge playing at a $25.00 minimum bet table, you will consistently take home $50.00 per hour. How?

Simple. On average, 100 hands per hour will be dealt to you at any Blackjack table. If you bet $25 per hand and win on average 2% of every bet, you will average $50.00 per hour. Here is the math:

100 hands/hour X $25.00/hand X 0.02/hand = $50.00/hour

The trick is obtaining a
2% edge over the Casino

Anyone who knows about Blackjack knows that few people win on any consistent basis, let alone enjoy a 2% advantage on a consistent basis. (Consistent winners, stop reading. This site is of no use to you.) You would also know that some gamblers around the world are actually banned from the Blackjack tables because they win too much!

What does this mean?

You too can win at Blackjack!
You too can realize this 2% advantage.

Imitate what these "banned players" are doing and you too will be successful.

What are these banned players doing? They are either:
  1. cheating
  2. just lucky,
  3. playing differently than the rest of us


Are these banned ones cheating? No, they are not. If they were cheating, they would be getting arrested. Cheating is fraudulent and is a criminal offence in most areas. They are being banned, not arrested. They are not cheating.

Just lucky?

Are they simply exceptionally lucky? The laws of probability dictate that in the long run, all statistical counts will eventually gravitate to their true odds. You can be lucky for a while, but eventually your luck will run out. In any event, the Casinos are not in the business of banning "lucky" players. They ban those that somehow have found a way to beat the Casino fair and square.

If they are not cheating and are not exceptionally lucky, that means they are using knowledge and techniques that most players are not aware of . . .

Secrets of the banned ones!

These banned players are not doing any one thing or utilizing any one technique to win consistently. They are using many techniques together to maximize their chances of winning.

These three distinct categories of techniques must be mastered to consistently win money:
  1. Basic Strategy
  2. Card Counting, and
  3. Progressive Betting and Money Management

Learn for FREE!

Basic Strategy is a complete set of rules for all situations which could be encountered, usually taught by utilizing detailed charts. It has been around for many years and is based on statistics and computer simulation. It is so essential to winning at the Casino that I am offering every visitor of this site an opportunity to learn it for FREE.

Basic Strategy is one of many strategies used in any successful game system. If you play one of the strategies alone, you will lose money. To avoid this, you must learn to use all of the tools available to you including proper Money Management, a structured Progressive Betting technique and proper Card Counting.

Learn all of the above components with one course

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