Blackjack Strategy: Do you need one?

Blackjack Strategy implemented properly will actually yield you a mathematical advantage over the Casino.With proper Blackjack Strategy, you can actually have a 2% edge over the Casino at Blackjack and win bets on a consistent basis. To get that edge, you need to employ a solid and complete system.

Why do you need a system?

Blackjack is a purely mathematical game. Given a player's hand and the dealer upcard, there is always a right move. There is no discretion to be exercised by the player. You either make the right move to maximize your odds of winning or you don't. Utilizing a systematic plan will ensure that you always make the optimal choice.

Components of an Integrated System

Rules and Basic Strategy

The first component of any successful system is to learn the rules of the game and then "Basic Strategy" - A fundamental set of strategies designed to guide you in making the best decision given a dealt hand and a dealer upcard. If all you do is learn the rules and utilize Basic Strategy, you will be successful in reducing the casino's edge to less than 2%. You can do better though. Blackjack Basic Strategy - find out more!
Card Counting

Card counting, when combined with the above, can give you an advantage over the casino. Basic Strategy is based upon the proposition that cards valued at 10 are the most plentiful in the deck. If there are a large number of 10 valued cards remaining in the deck at any given time, the ability of the system to help us win increases.

Given the above, it would be nice to know whether there are a lot of 10 valued cards remaining in the deck at any given time. This is precisely what Card Counting does. It identifies favourable situations where there are a lot of 10 valued cards in the deck and unfavourable situations where there are few 10 valued cards in the deck. In doing so, you can revise your play accordingly to maximize your odds of winning. Read more on Card Counting
Money Management and Progressive Betting

You can play perfect basic strategy and count cards all you want, but if you are reckless with your money and don't employ a responsible money management scheme, you will never make any money. Progressive betting could very well be one of the most important techniques in your arsenal. With a progressive betting system, you continue to add money to your bet while you are winning while at the same time, dropping down to the minimum bet when you lose. In this fashion, you maximize your winnings during winning streaks, but minimize losses during losing streaks. More on Progressive Betting

All of the above components are available from various sources. Some are free and others are extremely expensive. Regardless of whether you get them for free or pay, one daunting task which you face is the integration of all of these techniques into a complete system.

Luckily, there is now a new and powerful software program by Infinite Odyssey which in fact integrates all of the above techniques into one coherent and integrated System. Download a free trial version of this revolutionary software.
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