The Guarantee

What kind of guarantee am I offering, you ask?

Well, I am NOT going to tell you that you are going to win $50,000 a week or $2,000 ever time you step at the Blackjack table or any ridiculous claim like that. Anyone who is making statements like that to try to get you to buy his product is simply . . . . . . a scam artist.

No one can promise you a specific winning percentage or even that you will win at all. I am no exception. I don't know anything about you. I have no idea what your individual learning skills are, what your motivations are, whether you are disciplined, or even whether you are capable of digesting the tremendous knowledge and secrets found in BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy. What I can promise you is this . . . You will absolutely love BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy or I will give you your money back. Period! It's as simple as that.

Here is my Guarantee to you . . .

If you feel that BLACKJACK: The Complete Strategy does not deliver everything that you had hoped for in your gambling effort, ask me for your money back.

I will refund your money immediately. There will be no questions asked.

Pat Filice B.Sc., B.A., J.D.

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