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What's New in the Second Edition?

It has now been five years since the original version of Blackjack: The Complete Strategy began selling over the Internet. The original version has met with much praise and was once a five star download with the prestigious Over the past five years, the author has had the pleasure of instructing hundreds of eager blackjack students as they move from being losers at the casino to perennial winners. As part of that process, the author has learned a lot about how to better present certain key blackjack concepts and topics. As well, the benefit of hindsight allows one to see other topics of great interest to the serious student which had not been discussed at any length in the original version.

This completely reworked second edition is the culmination of 5 years of revisions. All of the exceptional commentary received from past students have been incorporated into this most recent version. Some concepts that were difficult to grasp have been re-written with the students’ concerns in mind. Other topics that students wanted to hear about have been added from scratch.

Some of the new sections that have been added are:

A. The Seven Prerequisites to Becoming a Winner at Blackjack – This section now outlines all of the skills, tools and personal attributes that you will need to become a proficient blackjack professional. It sets the stage for what will be developed in detail throughout the course.

B. A Brief History of Blackjack Methodology – This new section gives the student a brief glimpse into the origins of basic strategy and card counting. It is instructive to know how the current blackjack systems developed and what tools were used to bring about this evolution.

C. Some Losing Strategies – Some of the most common losing strategies employed by the masses are discussed. It is instructive to study those systems and why they are bound to fail. This is contrasted with basic strategy as the cornerstone of a successful integrated blackjack strategy.

D. Beyond Basic Strategy – Most blackjack programs jump right from basic strategy to card counting. There is no middle ground. In this new chapter, the student is exposed to some simple yet powerful techniques that will reduce the house’s edge to almost nothing when combined with basic strategy. These techniques are also great stepping stones to full-fledged card counting schemes.

E. Game Management – The previous edition of Blackjack: The Complete Strategy included only some brief sections on money management. This section has been substantially added to and goes beyond mere management of money but deals with the whole concept of managing your blackjack business. Literally dozens of additional pages of current material has been added, much of which is the direct result of the comments and questions that previous students have raised on the topic.

F. Camouflaging Your “Skill” – A good number of previous students have become so proficient at the game that they began experiencing casino heat from pit bosses and supervisors. A whole new section has been added at the request of such students dealing with techniques and tricks that must be utilized if a good player is going to keep from being barred at the casino.

In addition to the above additional sections, another major change has occurred with the program. Progressive betting has been relegated to an optional tool in the system. This is as a result of many students who have been concerned with some of the difficulties of implementing a progressive betting technique and also a result of some of the more prominent disadvantages of progressive betting. While progressive betting does have its distinct advantages, the technique is not essential for the blackjack player to enjoy a sizeable advantage over the casino and as such, this technique has been moved to the end of the program and is available as an optional technique for those students who are inclined to bet progressively.

Finally, the second edition has been completely re-worked in a more esthetically pleasing manner. The layout is simpler and easier to read and we have included the use of icons and visuals to alert the student to key concepts and other resources of interest.

At Infinite Odyssey, we are constantly striving to improve our product and this second edition represents our commitment to our customers by bringing them the most current techniques and methodologies available in the game of blackjack.
As part of our ongoing commitment, we are currently developing a Student Companion to this second edition which will include a variety of tools and resources to assist the student in developing his blackjack skills and techniques. Blackjack strategy cards and a video series is also planned for the future.

Keep checking out our web site at for news on these exciting additions to the Complete Blackjack Center’s product line.

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